Amela is a fun-loving, outgoing, and fashionable fifteen year old girl living with Lupus. Amela and her family are from Bosnia, but are currently residing in Minnesota. Amela has always loved shopping and being up to date on the latest trends. When our Wish Wizards visited Miss Amela her wish became very clear; she wanted …

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Sixteen–year-old Alan suffers with Tuberous Sclerosis and uncontrolled Epilepsy. He wished for a specially made bike that would allow him the opportunity to experience something previously impossible – a bike ride. On Wednesday, June 12, families and guests were asked to meet in the parking lot of Margaret Mary Catholic Church off of Zenith Ave …

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Paige was diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid cancer and has been receiving treatment for the past few years. She is a quiet 15-year-old who loves to read. She also enjoys listening to music, watching movies and spending time with her friends. Paige’s special wish was for a shopping spree for her “sweet sixteen” with her mom …

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Scarlet, a three-year-old who is “full of fight and fire” suffers from a rare genetic neurodegenerative disorder called Schinzel Giedion Syndrome, which causes the brain to shrink and have seizures. However, Scarlet has already proven she has the fight in her by surviving well beyond the normal average life span of two years with this …

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Dylan M


Dylan is a fourteen-year-old from St. Michael who has struggled with Cystic Fibrosis for many years. He’s never let his condition stop him from doing what he loves, however, and our volunteer wish wizards got a good taste of his favorite things when they visited him in March. He told them all about his love …

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Josh had a rather rough time during 2014 . Not only did he have a hard time with treatment side effects, he also relapsed 3 times with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. In the hospital again and trying to keep a positive outlook that this time the drugs and therapy would work so he can beat the …

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16-year-old Devin lives with his parents in North Branch. He suffers from Vaters Syndrome, which in Devin’s case affects his kidneys and vertebrae. Devin is a fisherman and he loves to fish with his dad. His wish was for a Bass Boat so he could take it out and fish whenever the mood struck. His …

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Eighteen-year-old Jua, from St. Paul, was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. He has been in and out of the hospital throughout his teenage years due to his illness. Jua enjoys fishing, hunting, soccer, and singing. Jua’s special wish was for a shopping spree at the Mall of America with his siblings. Wishes & More® provided Jua …

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18-year-old Dean is an X-Box-playing, video-game-designing, chocolate lover from Iowa who suffers from a heart defect. He had initially wanted to travel to Italy and England, but decided to wish for an animation computer instead. The computer was meant to be used at Video Game Design School, an online graphic design school. With a little …

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