Cole is 10 years old and wants to grow big and strong, but Cystic Fibrosis is draining his body from necessary nutrients and has prevented him from getting beyond 65 pounds.  Cole has gotten used to his daily meds and treatment, but is now adjusting to the recent implant of a feeding tube. Cole is one of our first wish kids, and granting his wish was the beginning of our mission to grant wishes to extraordinary kids. His wish?  To have a special shopping spree and dinner at Red Lobster with his family, but Wishes & More® had so much more than that in store for Cole. The first evening began with a stretch limousine pulling up to Cole’s house to pick up him and his family. A red carpet was rolled out just for Cole when they arrived at his favorite restaurant, The Red Lobster. 20 guests, those who loved and cared for Cole –including family members, three teachers, his home health aide and a hospital clinician – also showed up to share the special night.  Red Lobster employees, and even some customers who just happened to be there, joined in the festivities as well. Karla Blomberg, President of Wishes & More®, made the wish presentation, giving Cole the first $500 of his $2,500 shopping spree.  Cole’s big brown eyes lit up as Karla handed him the money.  He couldn’t wait to buy a new TV and collectibles of his favorite “Alien and Predator” characters – most of which can only be purchased online. Cole’s evening was indeed special as proven by the big smile he wore the entire night. The second week, five volunteers on Harley’s delivered his next gift card.  Coordinated by volunteers, Gary and Laura Meyers, the motorcycles pulled up and Cole was bursting with excitement. He strapped on a helmet and hopped on for a ride. The third week brought volunteer, Dan Hayes, to Cole’s home for a couple of hours of visiting and showing off his purchases.
The fourth week, three of our teen volunteers showed up at Cole’s home to hang-out, play with his newly purchased paint ball gun, meet his new pet frog, and check out his room and other toys.  Cole invited them all to his birthday in June and said they were “really cool guys.”
Cole’s final presentation was held at the beginning of May, with the help of the Minnesota State Troopers to deliver his final gift card. It was quite a site when four state trooper cars pulled up to Cole’s house. The troopers spent some time with Cole getting to know this very special young man. It was an amazing experience for Cole! A special thanks goes to the Minnesota State Troopers who have also underwritten Cole’s wish.

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