At the young age of 11, seemingly healthy Ashley, passed out at school. After seeing a doctor to figure out the cause, she was diagnosed with Primary Pulmonary Hypertension. Ashley was told she would need to undergo a lung transplant. In September 2005, she received the call she had been waiting for – it was time to receive her new lungs. The surgery was a success, but Ashley experienced a couple setbacks after her three month hospital stay due to food poisoning and pneumonia, but successfully bounced back.
In February 2006, Wishes & More® granted her wish to spend the weekend at Mall of America. She and her guests enjoyed visiting Underwater Adventures, riding the thrilling roller coasters in the Park of MOA and shopping with the Visa gift cards she had received, but the fun didn’t stop there. Ashley also really wanted to buy a new computer, so after picking out the one she wanted, Wishes & More® had it delivered to Ashley at the hotel where she was staying. It was a weekend that most teenage girls only dream of!
Despite her strength, Ashley sadly passed away just two years later in February 2008. At the young age of 18, Ashley was full of life, and Wishes & More® was happy to have the chance to grant her a weekend full of fun and excitement with her closest family and friends.

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