About Us

The goal of Wishes & More ® is simple. We grant wishes to children with terminal and life-threatening illnesses and provide hopeful hearts, happy memories, and assistance to those who love them.

Our Story

Wishes & More ® conceptually began in the fall of 2004 in order to fill the gaps of other wish granting charities serving children with terminal and life-threatening conditions. The founders were seasoned children’s wish granters who had served as volunteer members of the board of Make-A-Wish Foundation ® of Minnesota.

The president, Karla Blomberg, had proudly served as their volunteer president for over 20 years. Additionally, she also had served as a board member for Make-A-Wish of America and Make-A-Wish International for many years and then moved on to serve as president for three years at both charities. The vast experience of Karla and the other members of the board was a strong foundation for building this new organization that would serve children in Minnesota.

The concept for the charity

The concept that is now Wishes & More began because the community lacked a wish granting organization that:

  • Granted wishes for infants and children with a life threatening or terminal illness up to the age of 19, and
  • Fulfilled wishes related to hunting, fishing, sports, and other outdoor wishes.

Additionally, the founders wanted to connect deeper with the kids and families they worked with.

Beyond the wish, they wanted to support the family by offering:

  • A scholarship for higher education for every wish child
  • Financial relief to families who experience the loss of a child before their child could experience a wish

The vast experience of the founding members served as a solid foundation to build Wishes & More ® into a unique, community-focused organization. Since granting its first wish in 2005, Wishes & More ® has established itself as a very special charity for kids and families in Minnesota.

A Tribute to our President

Read about a special tribute made to our President, Karla Blomberg.

Tribute to Karla
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