Adopt a Wish

Adopt a Wish

The Adopt a Wish program is the opportunity for donors to attach their name to a wish for a $7,500 donation.  (Our actual average wish cost is approximately $7,800).

This program, tied to a specific dollar amount, allows a donor to be personally attached to a wish of their choosing. If a donor would like to make a donation over $7,500, that is the actual wish cost/value; the donor would also be classified as a Wish Underwriter.   Wish adopters and underwriters may also take advantage of any of the following incentives.*

  1. Participate as a Wishes & More representative (along with a seasoned volunteer) to:
    • Meet & Greet the family at the airport (for “Wish to Go” wishes)
    • Deliver the wish components or travel itinerary to the family (for “Wish to Have” or “Wish to Go” wishes)
    • Be a part of the wish celebration event / unveiling or ribbon-cutting (for all types of wishes)
    • Be a part of notifying the child/family that the board has approved the wish (for all types of wishes)
  1. Participate in the wish behind the scenes:
    • Help assemble the components of the wish
    • Select and shop for the “more” / enhancement of the wish
    • Create a gift basket of goodies to go to the parents (if wish child requires extraordinary care)
    • Create a gift basket for celebrities (as a thank you for “Wish to Meet” wishes, after the wish)
    • Put together bags or gifts for each sibling
    • Write a personalized note to the parents or the wish child
  1. If the wish is ok to be publicized, you may also have your name included on website, social media, etc.


*IMPORTANT TO NOTE - DISCLAIMER:  Due to privacy and the medical and familial circumstances of each wish, the opportunities above may be restricted or not available.  Wishes & More will provide you with information regarding the opportunities available.

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