Give a Financial Gift

Help make a child's dream come true!

If you would like to underwrite an entire wish for a child, scholarship for a child or memorial for the family of a child, please see the following information:


Adopt a wish

A donation of $7,500 fulfills a wish that enhances the life of a child fighting a life-threatening or terminal illness.

Grant a Scholarship of Hope®

Give the gift of a Scholarship of Hope® to a child. Each $2,000 scholarship provides faith in the future of the Wish Kid. Funds are restricted to the child that they are applied to and, if not used, will be released into the scholarship account on the child's 20th birthday.

Provide a Memorial 

A memorial gift of $1,000 provides funds to the parent(s) of a child in the devastating situation when a child passes away before having the opportunity to experience his or her wish.

Pledged Giving (Monthly or Annually)

  • $10 / month, or a $100 one-time donation, underwrites a customized wish enhancement gift, event or activity!
  • $20 / month, or a $250 one-time donation, provides a portion of the spending money that we provide to ensure that the family does not need to use any personal funds!
  • $40 / month, or a $500 one-time donation, allows us to buy a plane ticket for a wish child to go on their travel or adventure wish!
  • $85 / month, or a $1,000 one-time donation, allows us to provide a Memorial Grant for a family who’s child didn’t survive to experience a wish.
  • $167 / month, or a $2,000 one-time donation, allows us to provide a Scholarship of Hope® Grant for a wish recipient as they go on to fulfill their dreams of higher education!

There are other ways to provide support to Wishes & More®. Click here to learn more.

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