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Intern Opportunities

Interns are needed year-round.  For more information, click here.

Wishes & More Ambassadors

Each year, we ask Board and Advisory Board Members, past Ambassadors and staff to nominate individuals/companies who clearly represent and dedicate time and effort to promote Wishes & More® to their professional and personal networks. We proudly recognize each of our Ambassadors and are honored to be the recipient of their support.

Office Help

The office is always busy, and we have a variety of tasks for those who wish to help out in the office during business hours.  Some regular office tasks involve writing thank-you notes to our donors, data entry, bookkeeping, filing, assisting with wish paperwork and preparing mailings, only to name a few.

Wish Granting Volunteers

Volunteers are needed to assist in making the wishes happen.  Duties range from setting up a vacation (travel wish), soliciting or shopping for items (gift wish), creating a vocation for a day (ex. a child wishes to be a police officer), or setting up a meeting with a celebrity (child wishes to meet someone).  Time commitment of 1-2 wishes per quarter.  Time is as needed dependent upon the complexity of the wish.

Marketing Volunteers

Marketing Volunteers are responsible for creating press releases, newsletters, brochures and other marketing collateral.  Skills sought: media connections, writing/editing experience, marketing background or other related experience.

Magic Makers

Volunteers are needed to personalize each wish.  Creativity is a must.  Attend meetings to determine personalization of each wish and occasionally make presentations to children.  Willingness to shop for and solicit items that will enhance the wish, i.e. a package of fishing tackle and tackle box before a fishing trip.  Time commitment is six months.

Golf & Internal Fundraising Events

If you enjoy the work involved in event planning, and are interested in receiving information as it is developed, please let us know of your interest and we will contact you.

Winter Ball

One of our biggest events of the year, the annual dinner auction is great fun and requires a lot of assistance from our volunteers.  We need people to help with decorating, soliciting silent auction items, organizing and recording items, assisting with the program, and much more.


Photographers and videographers are usually needed to capture the wish experience and fundraising events.  Time commitment is as needed.


This area is for individuals who are interested in all aspects of the areas of fundraising.  Professional sales experience and speaking experience are desired but not required.

Help From Home

If you cannot spend a lot of time away, here's a chance to help out from home.  We sometimes have special projects that our volunteers can take home.  These can vary from stuffing and labeling envelopes to making phone calls.

Handy People / Tradespeople / Artists

Volunteers are needed to assemble, construct, design, install and create items for wishes, events and office projects.

Meeters & Greeters

Volunteers needed to meet children at the airport on the way to and returning from their wish trips.  Must be willing to go to the airport at early hours for send-off and varying times for return.  Familiarity with the airport is a plus, but not required.  Second language occasionally is necessary.  Time commitment is ongoing and as needed.  Training is required.

Professional Expertise

Volunteers with specific skills and professions are being sought to assist in the areas specified. If you are interested in sharing your professional skills, please contact us:

  • Marketing and Fundraising
  • Legal
  • Volunteer
  • Human Resources
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