“Smart and a great sense of humor” can describe 15 year old Zane.  He was living the life of a normal high schooler until he received his diagnosis of Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML.) During chemo treatments and long hospital stays, he watched football and Adam Sandler movies, and listened to all types of music on the radio. However, he really enjoyed watching Conan O’Brien and his wish was to meet the late-night host. Wishes & More sent his family to California to attend a live taping of the show and Conan lived up to Zane’s expectations as being a great and humorous guy. Zane’s family had an amazing time in California with his TV hero and the thought of his special meeting kept Zane going through tough days.

Thank you Steve & Charlotte Garske for sponsoring Zane’s wish and making his dream of meeting Conan O’Brien a reality!

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