There is nothing shy about this talkative four year old who has dealt with a heart defect since birth. Von has spent his entire life in and out of the hospital with multiple surgeries and ongoing treatments, but has never let his condition slow down his love of life and learning.  After so many struggles, Wishes & More connected with the family and talked with him about what a wish means.  He was so excited about the possibility of a wish and thought that visiting Disney World would be the best wish ever.  Wishes & More sent Von and his family to Disney World where he got to see his favorite characters including Lightning McQueen! He also enjoyed Sea World and exploring all the Disney parks. A special treat was that Von’s grandparents also booked reservations in order to be part of the and to experience Von’s dream come true. What an incredibly special family trip!

Thank you Optum for sponsoring Von’s wish and making his dream trip to Disney World a reality!

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