“Semper Fi” is generally associated with the US Marine Corp and means always loyal, and Andrew, a 18-year-old with Lymphoma, had already expressed his loyalty by joining the Marines while still a Senior in high school.  He was following the footsteps of his dad and uncles and his interests fell in the area of military history. Unfortunately, he was unable to live his dream when he was struck with cancer. Andrew also enjoys creating digital art and playing video games. Wishes & More was happy to give Andrew an Alienware laptop so he can play video games and create artwork but we enlisted the help of some very special volunteers to assist in the presentation. The presentation was at a local arcade and when he arrived he was greeted by a group of Marines who gave him his laptop, his Scholarship of Hope®, and they each told him a story related to war history! Several stayed for the afternoon to play arcade games with him and gave him a day he would never forget.

Thank you Steve and Charlotte Garske for sponsoring Andrew’s wish allowing us to grant his wish for an Alienware laptop!

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