At only 6-weeks-old in December 2018, Whitney was diagnosed with a large brain tumor. She immediately underwent three surgeries within a month’s time to remove 95% of the tumor. As you can imagine, her parents were extremely frightened by everything their daughter was enduring but were grateful when Whitney was able to be home for her very first Christmas with family. Two months later, doctors removed the last bit of tumor, but to ensure that there are no new tumor developments, Whitney gets an MRI every 6 months.

This sweet little love is now an incredibly joyful toddler, affectionately called Whitney Lou by everyone who adores her. She loves going on walks, playing with her puppies & kitties, getting into mischief around the house, and she is happiest when she’s outside. She is SO smart and learns new words or skills every day. When our volunteer wish team interviewed Whitney and her family, they discovered that the best wish option was to have a playset installed in the family’s backyard so that Whitney can safely enjoy being outside with cousins and friends for many years to come.

Earlier this year as she healed and the snow melted, Whitney’s parents picked out an adorable playset and made plans to prepare their backyard for the wish. Elite Landscapes, LLC, with the support of Rock Hard Landscape Supply, did a fabulous job turning a sloped, completely unusable space covered in rocks into an extension of the yard! Whitney enjoyed watching their progress and endearingly named the Bobcat tractor “Bob.” Finally, after the sod settled, Rainbow Midwest – Bloomington delivered her dream playset! Whitney was over the moon to have her wish complete and immediately headed for the swing. Wishes & More was honored to provide this popular wish of a playset, customized for Whitney, to help her grow, learn and continue to love the outdoors! Special thanks to Susan Coyne Photography for sharing her talents and creating a Front Step Fundraiser to sponsor Whitney’s Wonderous Wish!

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