At eighteen-months-old, Audrey appeared to be a healthy little girl and she was a bundle of energy and smiles. She was growing, learning and eating well, but her parents were concerned because her abdomen appeared to be abnormally large. They consulted with her doctor and an ultrasound was recommended. After a very anxious wait, the doctor told them the protrusion in her belly was a large tumor on her liver. Audrey immediately went in for scans, and the devastating news continued – not only was the tumor on her liver cancerous, but it had metastasized to her lungs and one of her lymph nodes. The day after Christmas in 2018, Audrey was diagnosed with stage 4 high-risk metastatic hepatoblastoma.

Audrey endured nine months of chemo, surgeries, and medication. Some days she was hurting so much she couldn’t sleep, and on other days she ran around the clinic forgetting that she was attached to an IV. They faced the up and down battle day-by-day and Audrey never stopped fighting. Last Fall, Mom & Dad connected with Wishes & More and were excited to have the opportunity to give Audrey a special wish, just before her final round of chemo. They wanted her to have a companion to grow up with and to play with day and night. Their wish for Audrey was for a puppy and we wholeheartedly agreed! A Goldendoodle Puppy was selected and because Wishes & More understands that kids and puppies need to be able to play safely in the backyard, the next step was to create a safe haven for these two to be able to romp in. So, with a partnership with and, a chain-link fence was installed. Just one month later, Audrey received her puppy in time to celebrate clear scans and the end of chemo!

We had an opportunity to reconnect with Audrey’s parents to get an update on her and her special companion, Murray. She is almost 3 years old and she is learning and growing more every day. She and Murray stay very active, running and playing together in their own yard. Audrey is also continuing to stay healthy, and now that treatment is over, her beautiful hair is growing out as well. Wishing this sweet duo many years of friendship and memories together!

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