It was right before Christmas in 2017 when Ara & Ailey decided to make their premature arrival. Unfortunately, their early delivery came with a host of complications due to their underdeveloped organs and these first-time parents made the hospital their second home. They lived every minute under the strain of watching their two tiny babies fight for their lives as they endured procedures to keep them alive and knowing the odds were stacked against their survival. We received applications for both girls to determine if there was anything we could do to support them with one of our programs.  Sadly, Ailey’s fragile little body couldn’t recover from a surgical procedure and she passed away at three weeks young. Because her loving parents had completed a Wishes & More application we immediately provided Memorial Funds in her memory. 

Ara continued to live up to her name, which means “lioness,” and this little lion was determined to be strong.  She was diagnosed with lung disease, but slowly weaned off of oxygen support; she endured an eye surgery due to a retinal disease; she overcame a dangerous swallowing issue with the help of a feeding tube; and she handled five intubations, multiple transfusions, and countless IVs all within the first 5 months of her life.  This tiny little fighter has continued to surpass many health obstacles and finally after everything they had been through, Mom & Dad determined that it was time to celebrate with the wish they had applied for at Ara’s birth.  Ara’s wish was for her to transition to a new bedroom so her baby brother could take her old nursery room.  The bedroom makeover included pretty touches of pink, white, & turquoise and framed book covers of Ara’s favorite storybooks. 

Wishing this sweet family beautiful memories of their dear Ailey and precious time with their feisty lioness, Ara. 

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