Meet Sierra!  Most of us head for the medicine cabinet to alleviate our temporary discomfort if we suffer from a headache, a sore muscle or a stubbed toe. Not this incredible young lady!  She has dealt with a number of neurological issues throughout her entire life, and she has endured several spinal surgeries.  Regardless of the pain she endures daily, she is pretty much always smiling with a very positive attitude. This selfless big sister is very family-oriented, and a few of her favorite memories include her sisters’ births, spending time with her best friend (who also happens to be her grandma), and going to Florida for her aunt & uncle’s beach wedding. She asked Wishes & More to help her and her family create even more Florida memories with a wish trip to Universal Studios! Sierra’s ultimate dream was to experience the magic of the “Wizarding World of Harry Potter,” and we were happy to make that special request a reality. The family integrated themselves into the fantasy by dressing up like Hogwarts students and performed magic around the park with their brand new custom wands. Kudos to Universal Studios for making Sierra and her family feel so special throughout the park. She also enjoyed the magic of Disney and celebrated her 19th birthday at Give Kids The World with an ice cream cake. Not to mention how special our friends at Delta made their airport sendoff, which included racing through the airport on carts, whizzing through security lines, and a trip to the Delta Sky Club. Sierra and her family are very grateful for this unforgettable wish trip!

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