Just in time for the leaves to fall, 11-year-old Kristian from Lindstrom received his wish! He suffers from several complex medical conditions (epilepsy, respiratory failure, kidney issues, and severe scoliosis) along with being trach and vent dependent; however, regardless of his medical issues, he’s rarely seen without his signature smile! He is a total outdoorsy kid who is extremely social, will make friends wherever he goes, and is always ready with a high five and hug. Kristian is the youngest of a very active family and he loves being outside adventuring with his parents and three siblings. His medical equipment limits him in being able to engage in his passion for exploring freely outdoors, so his wish was for a red 2-up 4-wheeler which will allow him to ride with his brother or dad to access places he would otherwise not see.

This wish was made possible by donations from the incredible customers and owners of Crabtree’s Garden Gate and a generous discount from St Boni Motor Sports. The brand-new ATV was delivered to the family home on October 15th by a few of our generous supporters, flanked by vehicles from the Lakes Area Police Department and Lindstrom Fire Department. Lights and sirens lit up the neighborhood to draw attention to this amazing kid, but it was his smile that shone the brightest. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who made this wish and delivery possible, and to Scheels for donating a very generous gift card as a bonus. We can’t wait to hear about all of the outdoor activities Kristian gets to enjoy thanks to the freedom he has with his new 4-wheeler.

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