Little Livi’s parents wanted to convert their backyard into an outdoor play area that was safe and fun for her to enjoy with her two older brothers. A costly, but critical component, was a privacy fence and that’s what they shared with Wishes & More as a wish on her behalf. We were happy to jump onboard! Olivia was born extremely prematurely and her complications began immediately. In addition to being non-verbal, wheelchair bound and visually impaired, she will also require life-long medical care because of chronic lung disease. Her outdoor playtime will be in the secure space in her backyard and this wish will last for many years to come. Wishes & More worked with a local contractor in their hometown of Wells, MN to purchase the material and construct the new fence. In early April the project was complete and Mom sent these photos of the new space with Livi showing her approval through her sparkling eyes and engaging smile. We hope you have many wonderful years enjoying the sunshine in your own backyard, sweet girl!