As Lucas’s mom was planning his 3rd birthday party, she noticed an irritated mosquito bite on his cheek and his face was warm to the touch. Being cautious, Mom & Dad took Lucas in to the doctor. Thinking that it could be the mumps, the doctor kept him overnight, but released him the following day with antibiotics. A few days later, Lucas’s infection still hadn’t resolved itself and the “mosquito bite” had continued to grow. After further testing, Lucas was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma. He began chemo the following day and later scans revealed that the cancer was in his arms, vertebrae, arms, and legs. Throughout every treatment, this little Superhero demonstrated bravery with his “Superhero Smash” attitude and a big smile. He defied the odds and suffered from only a few side effects from the high-dose treatments. Two months later the cancer had spread to about 95% of his body; nevertheless, this fighter kept fighting and just five months after that in late 2019, Lucas was considered cancer-free. The joyful celebration began, but soon after…things went downhill.
Because of micro cells that remained in his body It was determined that Lucas would need a stem-cell transplant which involved a very intense 5-days of chemo followed by the transplant and recovery. Although he tolerated the ordeal with ease, soon thereafter, Lucas’s fragile body took a turn for the worse and was soon enduring multi-system organ failure. After the organ failure, he contracted an infection in his lungs causing a severe inflammatory condition that would require lifelong venting to keep him alive. Sadly, just seven months after learning of his diagnosis, Mom & Dad said goodbye to their Superhero Son. They held him close as he passed away knowing that their lives would never be the same without him. As soon as we received his application, Wishes & More was ready to provide a wish for Lucas. But when his body just couldn’t recuperate from all of its trials and he passed before experiencing a beautiful wish come true, our Memorial Funding was there to support his grief-stricken parents for them to use in his memory.

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