Baby Cassidy was diagnosed with Krabbe Disease at five-months-old. This genetic nervous system disorder has a multitude of symptoms and while Mom & Dad were overwhelmed by the initial diagnosis, they were extremely concerned with the day-to-day changes they were seeing in their sweet baby girl. This family from Montevideo is very close to their network of extended loved ones and they wanted to share every moment of their daughter’s life with as many of their friends and family as they could. Sadly, Krabbe disease has a life expectancy of just two years, so Mom & Dad were eager to experience all they could with Cassidy in the short time they had with her.

Wishes & More understood their desire for a “family reunion” long weekend getaway at a MN resort that could accommodate many family members coming and going throughout a long weekend and we set this wish into motion asap. Dad’s special request was to be able to use a pontoon to take Cassidy out on a boat cruise. Just weeks after the initial request, this 4-day getaway was booked at SweetWater Resort who generously provided the lodging at their perfect “reunion” cabin. The family took many photos, Dad experienced Cassidy’s smiles on the boat ride and the reunion wish was a complete success chalk full of beautiful memories for this tight-knit family.

Shortly after Cassidy’s wish, during the holiday season of 2019, her parents started making final arrangements for their baby girl and in late January, Cassidy took her final breath. We can’t imagine the heartache of losing such a precious child. Wishes & More was unable to change the outcome of Cassidy’s battle, but it was our honor to take care of the costs and all of the arrangements for this very special vacation so her parents’ only concern was to extend the invitations. Our hope is that the memories her wish created during the family reunion will be a lasting comfort as this family grieves their loss.