Mulan entered this world early and has been a fighter since the day she arrived. She has suffered through several serious conditions of the eye, lung, hormones and brain which led to multiple surgeries and extensive hospital stays. We received her wish application when she was just two-weeks-old; however, for the last three years she hasn’t been well enough to experience a wish. After undergoing an emergency brain surgery Mulan began to thrive! Although she is still fragile, her family was finally ready to plan a wish to celebrate Mulan’s health and everything she’s overcome. What better place than Disney World! Mulan’s wish was truly a celebration with many people joining in on the fun! Mulan’s grandma and aunt traveled from Detroit to meet up with her and family friends who live in Florida joined in on the fun as well! Mulan’s favorite parts were the sounds and songs at Animal Kingdom and the fireworks at Epcot. We are so grateful we could finally make Mulan’s wish come true and we wish her nothing but joy as she continues to grow and thrive!

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