People from all over the world come to our very own Mayo Clinic in Rochester to receive top-notch treatment. Our precious little wish child is one of them.  Four year old Marie-Martins came from Nigeria to receive her treatments for Pineal Blastoma (a brain tumor).  Not only is she undergoing traumatic and intense treatments, she’s experiencing it while separated from her mom and older sister, and is here alone with her Dad. 

Marie-Martins’ dad reached out to us and shared that she had two very special wishes.  One was to be able to “go to school” here. Dad had found a preschool that would work with her schedule but needed assistance with the tuition.  Her second wish was shared with us as well – because she had never been in snow before, she wished that she could play in the snow and “see it all the time”!  I’m sure you will be impressed to know that we waved our magic wands and brought snow to Rochester, Minnesota☺  Our special friends at Whimsical Wigs created both Anna and Elsa wigs for Marie-Martins so she can always play snowman make-believe even when she heads home to Nigeria.  We recently heard from her Mayo social worker,  “[Marie-Martins] has absolutely loved telling me all about what she is learning and showing me pictures of her adventures in the snow and school. Your mission was very much accomplished and the family is so grateful. They are projected to head back home, depending on final appointments and scans of course, at the end of January! They will be so happy to head home after a long time here in Rochester. But the time was made so much sweeter with the addition of school and play and the much needed medical care. Everything you do and have done for family is so much appreciated!”. We are so pleased that we could help this family by providing them with a wonderful experience while they faced a stressful time in their lives, and we are glad that they could enjoy their time here in Minne-Snow-ta! 

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