In March 2020, Jenifer & Dan were blessed with a baby boy. All they wanted was for a healthy baby; however, Kage was diagnosed with congenital heart disease and was immediately connected to monitors and machines to keep him alive. Kage fought every day for a grueling month before he sadly passed away. His obituary read “His short time on earth was spent fighting his heart defect and stealing the hearts of his parents, grandparents, siblings and nurses. Due to the machines and being unable to hold him, Kage loved being talked to and having his hands held by his parents.”

Sadly, Kage passed before a wish was made known for him, so we provided a Memorial Grant to this sweet family during this unfathomable loss. As with all our Memorial recipients, we reached out to Kage’s family a few months after his passing to offer a choice of a  memorial keepsake, made possible by our treasured volunteers.  His family selected and received a Tribute Framed photo of Kage and we received a thank you from Kage’s Mom shortly after. “We received it last night and we LOVE it. Dan actually got tears in his eyes. Thank you so much! It arrived just at the right time as he would of been 9 months old on the 16th. Again thank you so much for all you guys do. It does not go unnoticed.“  Wishing Jenifer & Dan peace as they forever love and remember their beautiful baby boy. 

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