Jeremy was born with a very serious and debilitating condition where large portions of his spine were missing. These deformities have led to other serious difficulties with eating, breathing, fluid on the brain, among others. He has never been too far from a hospital stay and his wish was to spend more time outdoors. Sounds easy, but it isn’t!

Jeremy’s Army Veteran parents, and three siblings, enjoy their home which sits on 30 acres of land. The siblings can often be seen playing outside together, but they love their brother, and it hurts their sweet hearts that Jeremy could not join them in playing outside. His time was always spent indoors. Enter Wishes & More and the potential for a game-changing wish. A track wheelchair was out of the family’s financial reach, but with the help of a financial allowance wish, they were able to purchase the chair and change his scenery, allowing for mobility on all types of outside terrain.

Recently, Mom sent us this sweet video of Jeremy learning how to drive the wheelchair in their driveway along with this note: “I can’t thank you enough for helping Jeremy with his wish of being more mobile and getting an action track chair!! He has learned how to drive it so quick and is so unbelievably happy it brings tears to my eyes!! You’ve given us something we thought was completely out of reach and brought our family together enjoying the outdoors!! Thank you so much for everything you do!!”

Jeremy in action!
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