Danielle and Jareth were thrilled with the anticipation of the birth of their baby girl. The excitement turned to fear when she arrived extremely early, at only 22 weeks, and weighing a mere 14.5oz. Right away, their precious Kenley was given a very poor prognosis…but her doctors obviously didn’t know this tiny girl was such a giant fighter! For the first 8 months of her life, Kenley was in the hospital enduring numerous surgeries and procedures to repair a failing respiratory system, a hole in her intestines, a small brain hemorrhage, an open artery branch, a stomach infection and more. Through it all, her parents were in awe of Kenley’s ability to overcome obstacle after obstacle. When Kenley was finally able to head home, the Neonatologist told Mom she was the youngest gestation infant to be discharged from the hospital – a true miracle baby! Kenley is now three-years-old and continues to be monitored closely for her ongoing respiratory and heart issues, but she has also continued to grow with her loving family by her side. When our Wishes & More team met Kenley, her parents shared that they wanted to give Kenley a safe space where she can work on her physical therapy – sitting up, crawling, and building strength – and her wish for a Therapy Room was set in motion! Wishes & More also provided games and other manipulatives to help with her communication skills and sensory development. Mom recently reported that Kenley and her family love spending time together in her Therapy Room and we are excited to watch her progress and continue to grow and learn!