Jenna is best described as a “dreamer and a spirited lover of life and animals.”  Unfortunately, she has suffered much loss and endured many struggles in her lifetime. When Jenna was six, her older sister died at the age of twelve, and two short years later Jenna began her battle with Ewing’s Sarcoma. Through the cancer treatments, hospital visits, difficult days and exhausting nights, Jenna was able to keep a positive attitude and often distracted herself with her love of horses.

Initially, at 16, Jenna wished to travel to Australia with an exchange program but had to change plans after discovering that she was too ill to travel that far. She considered many other wish ideas, and then she had an amazing idea – she knew of a man named Monty Roberts who runs the Monty Roberts Equestrian Academy. This academy is located just north of Santa Barbara and is considered one of the best in the country.  Jenna truly considered Monty as one of her heroes for his techniques and for the compassion he holds for horses. Jenna’s heart was set on attending the school but her illness was beginning to make that dream seem impossible. The Friday before she was supposed to leave, Jenna had gone to the hospital to get testing done.  The Dr’s had found fluid surrounding her heart. Flying to California would have put too much pressure on her heart and it began to look like Jenna’s dream was coming to an end.  But in a miraculous recovery, Jenna was able to leave intensive care the night before her flight and she was on her way.

Jenna’s father told Wishes & More® that the week she spent at the ranch was the best week of her life.  She learned so much about riding, taking care of and understanding the creatures she held so dear.  She said that she had never felt healthier. Jenna returned home August 15th and on November 24th, 2008 she lost the battle with her illness she fought so bravely. Jenna will always hold a place in the heart of this organization, and we are honored to have had the chance to be apart of this wonderful young lady’s life. Thank you to Minnesota Arabian Horse Breeders, Inc. for supporting such a deserving wish.

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