Connor is an adorable five-year-old boy from Maple Grove. This energetic little guy is battling ALL, Autism and food allergies. He loves to play outside, climb, run and swing.  A sensory playroom was this special boy’s big wish. Though Connor does not communicate verbally, you could see the look of joy and happiness in his eyes when he saw the new playroom with sensory toys, a huge two story castle, and a ball pit with 3,000 balls to play in. He also received a big screen TV to watch his favorite movies on from the comfort of his castle!  This awesome castle was built by our volunteer John Burch, who installed lots of TLC into it each and every day he worked. Friends, family, neighbors and therapists made frequent trips to Connor’s home to observe this creation in the making.

The big unveiling took place on September 30, 2008 with friends, family, neighbors and Wishes & More® volunteers at Connor’s home. As a thank you and celebration, Jen prepared a great buffet dinner for all of us.  We brought Connor’s favorite, organic strawberries and angel food cake for the rest of the gang. This playroom is bringing countless hours of enjoyment to Connor, his big sister McKenna, and his parents Doug and Jen (It is rumored that Doug has more fun in the ball pit than anyone…and we even have pictures to prove it!)  Here’s wishing Connor and his family many happy and healthy years in his “awesome” playroom!

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