This typical six-year-old boy imagines busting bad guys with Batman or playing cops and robbers with the neighbors. However, Isaac has been diagnosed with Burkitt Lymphoma, a rare type of lymphatic cancer, and his imagination takes him not to secret realms with super heroes, but to hospital free days and sleep filled nights. After being referred to Wishes & More®, Isaac was visited by two of our Wish Wizards who wanted to make his greatest wish come true. On April 18th Isaac’s wish began when Wishes & More® along with the help of World of Fish, Chuck and Don’s Pet Store and General Pet Supply, delivered a 105 gallon salt water fish tank and set it up in Isaac’s room.  About a week later, when the tank’s delicate environment was ready, Isaac was able to choose his fish from an exotic collection at World of Fish. On long sleepless nights, when Isaac’s illness keeps him up, he now has the warm glow of his beautiful fish tank and the company of these new friends.