Our goal at Wishes & More is to be able to support every child who qualifies for our programming through a wish and Scholarship of Hope; or with a Memorial gift. Social workers and personal referrals play an important role in helping us reach this goal – as do our financial donors. One of our respected Social Workers at Children’s referred Jason to us with the hopes that he could benefit from both our wish and Scholarship programs and sent in a note with his referral form indicating how excited Jason was hearing about both of these opportunities. She had spent quite a bit of time speaking with him about Wishes & More and she was thrilled to see what an emotionally positive impact these discussions had on him. Seventeen-year-old Jason had recently been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer – but this Shakopee High School Honors student continued to think positively and anticipate the possibility of college and dream about what his wish could be.
Sadly, just one day after we received his referral, Jason became very sick and was intubated. A few weeks later, Jason passed and we never had the opportunity to meet personally with him to move forward on his wish. Jason became a Memorial recipient and his Dad told us that the Memorial Funds we provided would be used to help pay for the unexpected funeral arrangements. Because Wishes & More is the only MN organization that provides Memorial funding, we are grateful that this social worker knew to refer Jason to us, so that in this sad circumstance we could still support the grieving family to help them memorialize their son.

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