Jamie was a sweet and loving toddler who suffered from chronic respiratory failure along with a variety of other conditions. Jamie was fully dependent on his BiPAP machine and assortment of medications; however, he loved to be around his family and in the middle of the action. He also enjoyed playing at the park and being cuddled and talked to by his mom and siblings. When our Wish Wizards met with Jamie and his family, a room makeover was at the forefront of their minds in order to give Jamie a sensory rich environment. We discovered that he loved rocking, swinging and bouncing and the sounds of his musical toys – so Wishes & More set out to provide a “homey” environment for Jamie to relax in and have some fun activities at his fingertips. Our team created a red and blue sailor themed room with a UV light panel, musical fireworks, a lighted fan, a swing stand all in a room with new paint, a mirror, dresser and bedding. This room provided a beautiful and fun environment for Jamie to enjoy for four months, before he passed away. We are grateful that we were able to provide this special and unique wish for Jamie to enjoy during the final months of his life.