Anna was sixteen years old when she went into kidney failure. For months, Anna experience symptoms of a common cold such as coughing fits, feeling weak, and simply under the weather. Finally, after the lingering cold symptoms lasted far too long, Anna and Mom decided to go to the hospital. Tests revealed that her body was undergoing incredible stress with just 7% kidney function. The doctors immediately started Anna on Dialysis and after being released, she continued these weekly, lengthy treatments for 10 months. Three times a week, for several hours, Anna sat in a chair and let a machine do the work her kidneys were supposed to, causing her to miss most of her Junior year of high school. Finally, in July of 2018, Anna received her long-awaited Kidney Transplant and her recovery began!

A typical teenage girl, Anna loves to shop and her wish involved a shopping spree at the Mall of America where she could have the funds to enjoy a no-holds-bar spree at her favorite stores. Anna shopping began in style as she stepped out of a stretch limo at the MOA where she purchased a variety of new items from Lulu Lemon and American Eagle. This shopping day was perfect timing – just before she began her first semester at University of St. Thomas! Not only did Anna receive this wonderful opportunity of experiencing a wish-come-true, Wishes & More will continue to support her with the Scholarship of Hope® award to help with her tuition fees.

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