Linae struggles daily with a serious and incurable condition caused by damage to her mitochondria. The condition restricts her to a wheelchair, but certainly doesn’t slow her down! Recently, through her own focus and hard work, this very intelligent young lady has found a love for astrophysics and quantum mechanics and her wish revolved around her enjoyment of all things SPACE!

This extremely bright 15-year-old, along with her parents and brother, took off to Washington DC last month for a customized, and amazing experience that included a trip to the West Wing, the Newseum, The Capitol building, & the Supreme Court! But in true Wishes & More fashion, we also arranged for a personalized tour of NASA headquarters and a special meeting with the Dragonfly team! Dragonfly is a rotorcraft-lander scheduled to travel to NASA’s next destination, Saturn’s moon, Titan. Linae’s dream job is to be part of the Dragonfly team – helping with its launch in 2026! Another highlight on Linae’s adventure was visiting the black room at Goddard Space Flight Center at Johns Hopkins University! She was able talk to the team about the Hubble Space Telescope that has provided images and science observations to the NASA team! These incredible, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities were specially designed with help from the Public Outreach Team at NASA and we can’t thank them enough for their support! Even though Linae named some favorite experiences, she said that everyday was her favorite. Wishes & More is honored to know that we were able to provide Linae with an out-of-this world experience. Keep shooting for the moon, Linae!

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