Ethan was an incredible, special baby who unfortunately spent much of his life in and out of the hospital. His mother called him her “Miracle Baby” and he never ceased to live up to this nickname every day.  Ethan was born with a Transposition of the Great Arteries, where essentially his small heart’s primary valves developed in the exact opposite form of a normal heart’s structure.  Despite his illness, Ethan had the ability to brighten everyone’s day with his loving and playful personality. The family was in the process of determining an appropriate wish to comfort this little one but on August 8th, when walking home from the park with his parents and two sisters, Ethan passed away.  Not having an opportunity to have a wish, Wishes & More® granted a financial grant to the family. Ethan’s family told us how much these funds meant to them and they used the money to buy an urn to hold their precious little miracle. Thanks Mark and Evelyn Jorgensen for supporting Ethan’s family during such a difficult time.