Daxus’ parents wrote on his wish application that they had come up with his name prior to getting pregnant.  As their anticipation and love grew, so did their tiny in utero baby who kicked for spicy foods and kept Mom’s mind on him constantly with his activity in her belly.  Sadly, Mom experienced a traumatic birth and Daxus was born with Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy.  They spent 8 days with him at Children’s hoping for good news and a recovery – taking photos, making memories, holding his hands and just staring at their beautiful boy.  On day 8, after returning from a family walk on the hospital grounds, Daxus took his last breath and passed away in his parent’s arms.  The following day, Dad poignantly wrote a thank you to everyone who had supported them and closed with, “Thank you to all. Be good. Be nice. If you have kids, be thankful. They are gifts to be cherished and adored. Love on them and hug them a little bit tighter and just a little bit longer.”  We grieve with Daxus’ parents and all of our Memorial parents who have had to say goodbye to their precious children.  Our hope is that we are able to provide a wish experience for all of our kids, but when that is not possible, our Memorial financial gift is there to provide comfort and to be used however the family needs it.  After Daxus’ parents received our memorial gift, they wrote a note to us indicating that they moved to a small town in Wisconsin, “Our original plans were to move to this cabin with Daxus and start our new lives together. Unfortunately, it didn’t go as we planned but we decided to follow through. It’s peaceful and quiet and a good place to start the healing process.”  Sending our love to this family along with thoughts of comfort and peace.