When Anella was born, she appeared to be a happy and healthy little girl. However, as she aged, it became apparent that something was seriously wrong. A visit to the neurologist became the first of many appointments searching for a diagnosis to explain the seizures, vision loss, and lack of development in this precious child. Eventually, Anella was diagnosed with a rare neurological condition linked to a specific type of protein the body needs to function properly. Now at 11 years old, she has intractable seizures, global developmental delays, cortical visual impairment causing blindness, and she is non-verbal and non-ambulatory. Her loving family shares her joy as she experiences different sensations connected to the outdoors – the feeling of the breeze on her face and touching grass, moss, and water. With the help of our wish team, the family determined that the best wish for Anella was a family getaway, allowing her to bask in the many outdoor activities that Madden’s on Gull Lake has available. The team at Madden’s graciously provided a 4-night stay in a beautiful Golf Villa Suite and Madden representatives helped us surprise Mom & Dad with the news of her wish approval at our Winter Ball in February. Additionally, we want to thank two of our supportive donor couples, the McBride’s and the Krinke’s, who underwrote her Pontoon Ride and allowed her to feel the sun and the wind and the water. Anella’s family has taken on the 24 hour necessity of care with love and determination, and we were happy to provide a well-deserved wish vacation that they all could enjoy and always remember.