On his special wish day, Julian not only had the chance to see acres of cool cars at the Withrow Car Show, he was also brought on stage and surprised by Advisory Board member and ESPN Broadcaster, Clay Matvick, with the news that his wish was approved and coming true!  Julian was born with a rare genetic mutation that caused significant intellectual and mobile disabilities as well as seizures.  His mom told Wishes & More that Julian is happiest outside on a bike – singing, smiling, having fun – and his wish for a Freedom Concepts tandem bike was put into motion.  The Annual Withrow Car Show was an obvious fit for the surprise presentation – and not only was it a surprise for Julian, but also for his big brother Makai and his Mom.  Friends and extended family were in on the surprise and helped out with the big reveal and Mom told us afterwards, “I think I have only had one surprise party in my life when I was a teenager so it’s been quite a while and Sunday felt like this to me. I couldn’t believe all of my family and friends showing up and what a big deal you made the event.” 

Mom also updated us that Julian has been on a high ever since!  “Julian has been carrying the sign around to show people.  His school staff dropped off some therapy items to our house yesterday and Julian went to the front door to greet them wearing his new bike helmet and he carried the sign to show them his new bike and sang happy birthday and he signed “biking” over and over.  He then did somersaults, took his shirt off, and jumped up and down a few times, a grand display of excitement for sure.”

We are thrilled for Julian and his family and can’t wait to get more pictures once his custom bike arrives very soon.  Special thanks to Clyde Wagner and all the participants and attendees of the Withrow Car Show for your wonderful support.  Wishes & More is incredibly honored to be YOUR children’s charity for the 11th year! 

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