Jon loves the woods, hunting and adventurous ATV rides, which is why it’s no surprise he had been fantasizing about a big game hunting trip in Colorado. Wishes & More® teamed up with the television show, Kent Hrbek Outdoors (which features two-time Minnesota Twins World Champions Kent Hrbek and Co-Host Eric Gislason) to fulfill this wish. 17- year-old Jon was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a fast growing cancer affecting the white blood cells, when he was 15. Early in the week of his scheduled trip, Jon became ill after a treatment and everyone was concerned about his ability to travel. But this tough young man had his “eye on the prize” and he rebounded to make the scheduled trip.

Jon, his brother Joe and father Mike, traveled along with Wishes and More® representative Scott Read and the KHO-TV team to Pueblo, Colorado. In Pueblo, they hunted the 70,000 acre Redmond Ranch for Jon’s wish: a trophy Bull Elk. Jon’s inspiring experience, as well as the story of Wishes & More®, was captured in stunning high definition was featured on Kent Hrbek Outdoors. “This wish is a perfect example of what the “more” means in Wishes & More,” says, foundation president, Karla Blomberg. “Others are reluctant to fulfill certain children’s wishes, such as hunting.  We believe hunting is a part of Minnesota’s culture and in supporting Jon’s dream we are doing everything possible to fulfill his wish.” Foundation Board Member Scott Read described Jon as “an inspiring young man with great values and a courageous attitude.”

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