Cash spent over half of his eight months of life in the hospital, undergoing countless procedures and multiple open heart surgeries. He was born in April 2019 with down syndrome and a serious heart condition that ultimately took his life. Cash wasn’t with his family for long, but he was adored by his parents, sister, relatives, and friends; anyone that met Cash immediately fell in love with his contagious smile. His obituary read, “He had a smile that could light up a room, a laugh that warmed any heart, and the will and determination that would put most adults to shame. He brightened days, taught others how to love unconditionally, and fought like a warrior.” Cash’s heart just couldn’t keep up with the needs of his body and he sadly didn’t survive to experience a wish. However, his family benefited from our special Memorial program and received a $1,000 gift to use at their discretion. We hope that the memories they have of their sweet boy will bring peace.