Ana’s Mom endured a long, intense labor, battling infection and ending with an emergency c-section. After her traumatic birth, Ana was immediately put on oxygen and whisked from her mother’s arms. Scans indicated that her brain and spine were underdeveloped and over the following days, she had constant seizures that were so severe that they inhibited her breathing. Doctors eventually diagnosed her with a serious genetic disease called Zellweger Syndrome. Throughout the joy of pregnancy, her parents looked forward to all of the wonderful hopes and dreams that new parents hold for their newborn child. These dreams were shattered when they heard that their little Ana was only given a few days – possibly weeks – to live. Mom & Dad lovingly made a small bucket list of a few things they could do with her; including, creating molds of her hands and feet, giving her a bath, watching a sports game with Dad, and wearing Mom’s wedding jewelry & headband.

These beautiful photos, along with the memories they made with her during her 13 days of life are what mom and dad have to hold onto. Wishes & More wasn’t able to fulfill a wish for Ana, so instead, we gave these parents a financial gift through our important Memorial program. Our hope is that these funds are a comfort to grieving parents as they face the unbelievable sadness of losing their child. We know we can’t take away the hurt, but we can give them the comfort of community support that we share through Wishes & More.

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