Six-year-old Kellen was thought to simply have a lazy eye, but when an eyepatch didn’t solve the issue, his parents sought a second opinion. They were blind-sided by the news that Kellen had a brain tumor the size of a tangerine. Soon after the diagnosis, Kellen had a successful surgery to remove the tumor but suffered a post op infection, causing meningitis. This infection resulted in a stoke, paralyzing his legs and right arm, as well as his ability to speak. With months of in-patient therapy, Kellen surpassed all odds and regained his movement and speech, but the brain tumor took his vision in one eye and he still experiences seizures and endures daily medications.

Kellen’s dad explained to our Wish Wizards that even throughout all of the hard times, Kellen is able to find “true joy 24/7 through his passion for golf.” Golf is not only Kellen’s therapy, it is also his passion. He loves playing golf, practicing the game on his in-home chipping and putting green, and watching his favorite players on TV. Wishes & More provided a dream golf weekend for this little guy and his family at Madden’s on Gull Lake in Brainerd. The four day weekend was filled to the brim with golf lessons, mini-golf, full-course play (with his very own caddy) and being treated like the little celebrity he is! His parents shared, “There are no words to describe how grateful we are to Wishes & More for Kellen’s wish. Their genuine goal is to take a family’s mind off of all of the issues in daily lives and just focus on the sheer enjoyment of being together to celebrate all we have been through as a family. It is an experience that we will never forget and we will treasure always.”

Thank you Jim & Nancy Joyce for sponsoring Kellen’s wish!

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