In May of 2012, little Ethan was born with a host of health care issues that would forever affect him physically, emotionally, and developmentally. He was put up for adoption in Florida and in December of 2012 he was adopted into a loving family in Minnesota. Knowing that he would need a high level of care, his new and forever Mom, has taken it all on with a smile and a positive attitude. She knows that his life span is limited and she wants nothing more than to see her son happy and enjoying the things he loves. When we first spoke with Mom, she talked about his love of water! He especially enjoys a comfortable breeze blowing on him, but he requires a very constant temperature. The family had an above ground pool; however, it was not heated and the wish was to accessorize the pool with a pump, filter and heater that would allow Ethan to spend more time in the pool throughout the year. This Summer, the work on the pool area was completed and Ethan has been spending many days enjoying the warm water and pool time with family. We recently sent out a volunteer photographer to take photos of Ethan taking advantage of his new oasis and the smiles she captured say it all. Wish Granted!

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