Yahzdani, an impressive 18-year-old from St. Paul, missed a major portion of his senior year (August – December) in the hospital receiving treatments for cancer. This determined young man took it upon himself to keep up with his classes so he could graduate with his class. Consequently, we weren’t surprised when we learned that he has received a full ride from Augsburg college and is thrilled to be the first one in his family to attend college in the Fall!  He is considering studying computer science but would also like to explore other options to make the most of his time at school. In his free time, he likes gaming and has even built and created his own gaming computer. He is currently working part-time at Best Buy corporate with an internship in External Context where he analyzes their website content of customer ratings and reviews, Q & A’s and creates videos of the most common content to make the website more customer friendly. This teen said it is his goal to build up his credit score and income to be able to help his parents and family purchase their own home! 

After learning all about this thoughtful and interesting young man, we asked him what Wishes & More could provide for him for a wish, and he let us know that a Car Allowance would help him purchase a reliable vehicle to help him commute from school to home. After letting him know that his wish was approved, he got to work looking for the perfect used car. In late June he stopped by the Wishes & More office to pick up a check for $7,500 along with a tub of car cleaning supplies to help him keep his new rig shiny. He was on his way to pick up a Ford Edge and as promised a few weeks later, he stopped back in to show it off to his new friends at WAM!  We are thrilled to know this special “kid” and wish him the best with his bright future in college and in his future career.  

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