Five-year-old Piper from Savage has only one kidney and has struggled with its decline her whole life.  Luckily, she has defied all expectations, even though her lone kidney was only functioning at 4-8% capacity! Finally, on St. Patrick’s day in 2021, Piper received a transplant; but sadly it hasn’t been the success they were hoping for and she is now officially relisted for her second transplant and the family is actively looking for a donor. According to mom, Piper is “fierce, goofy, and very loveable.” She absolutely LOVES baby Yoda, Cinderella and the other princesses, and anything remotely related to unicorns and the color pink. Her top wish was to visit Disney World, and Wishes & More was happy to make it happen! 

After returning home, Mom wrote, “Our trip was amazing, we loved every minute of it. We are still all talking about it daily and have such incredible memories. Going to Give Kids the World gave us a chance to have fun and put aside our worries. The girls loved getting small gifts daily and the ice cream shop was a huge deal. We went to Magic kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, and Universal and the photo passes were wonderful, we were able to capture some pretty funny moments. We also went to cocoa beach and our oldest daughter had never seen the ocean before. That was an incredible experience for her. We can’t thank you enough for all you have done for our family.” We hope the wonderful memories of their trip stay close to their hearts as they forge onward in Piper’s medical journey. 

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