Many babies who are born with osteogenesis imperfecta (a genetic bone disease) do not survive past two-months, but cute-as-a-button Uli was a fighter and became the exception. He weathered many hospital stays – one of which stretched past 30-days!  Due to his fragile immune system, he was not like other babies that could be passed around to the arms of many; however, he loved to sit and be snuggled by Mom.  They found music was something that made him happy and his parents were thoughtful in determining a wish that would bring him joy.  They decided that a safe, durable and easy-to-maneuver Wonderfold Wagon would allow them to take him outside to enjoy adventures and activities in our communities.  We happily delivered this Volkswagon-themed wagon that safely held Uli and allowed him accessibility to experience his world.  We rounded out the wish by providing a commitment of tickets and passes to local attractions for him and his family to enjoy at their leisure.  They enjoyed watching the fish as they wandered through the tunnels at Sea Life.  The opportunity to participate in the sights and sounds of the Minnesota Zoo & Children’s Museum were scheduled next; however, he became very ill late last year and, unfortunately, was unable to enjoy the other outings we had planned. After COVID weakened his immune system, his mother wrote to us with a broken heart to let us know of his passing. Uli will forever be 13-months-old, but we hope his family will cherish the memories we added to his short time here, and we hope their wagon continues to inspire adventure and joy for his siblings. Even though our wishes cannot take away the illness of a child, our hope is that the memories they provide will bring comfort, joy and lasting peace to every family member and person who cares about each child.   

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