The 2023 Vikings season didn’t end the way we hoped; however, they came through as winners to Wishes & More for playing a huge role in one of our wishes and making our 2023 partnership an over-the-top success! When we reached out to the “Home Team” (the partners and spouses of the MN Vikings players and coaches) to be a part of a wish for little Ace, they said “yes” with overwhelming enthusiasm! Ace is a 2½-year-old miracle who spent his first 809 days in the hospital – one of Minnesota’s Children’s Hospital’s longest staying patients! Ace was born prematurely with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and was given a devastating .08% chance of survival. After spending over two years in the hospital, Ace was finally released and got to go home for the very first-time last August.  As his wish, the family requested an Orbit Baby travel system and a Dyson Air Purifier, as well as diapers. Thanks to a generous discount from Orbit, along with the wonderful donations of the air purifier, clothes, shoes, stroller accessories, wipes, diapering supplies, books, and toys from the Vikings – we were able to support Ace and his family very quickly and go above and beyond with all the extras. We also asked the Vikings to support Ace’s wish by providing a year’s worth of diapers for this little guy who has a GI tube, because at each change, he requires two diapers to accommodate this tube.  Special thanks to the O’Connell Family for continuing to support this youngster with the remainder of the year-long supply of diapers that we will deliver to the family as needed! Mom recently reported that Ace is absolutely thriving since leaving the hospital. Ace loves back rubs, tickles, and Moana. He’s a very busy little boy – always talking, smiling, kicking and lately working really hard to sit up on his own. Thanks to everyone at the Vikings who played a part in helping this little champ thrive at home.

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