Gabby was born in 2020 in the height of COVID.  She was an only child who was adored by her parents.  She not only loved music, dancing and “reading” books, she also indulged in chocolate chip cookies and popcorn.  Crafts, play-doh and bubbles were all at the top of her list;  as well as her […]

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Just like a typical two-year-old, Josiah is a very energetic little guy who loves to be on-the-move and exploring outside! Some of his favorite activities include dancing, opening and closing everything, and interacting with everyone he meets. Sadly, in his short life, he has already endured lengthy hospitalizations and a stem cell transplant to treat

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Cole's ATV wish


According to Wish Kid Cole, his wish day was his “Best. Day. Ever!”  It was Summer 2023 when he complained to his parents of a persistent headache and started acting a bit off, then his face started to droop on the left side and his parents became alarmed. A CT scan revealed a brain mass and

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Dannon by his playset with bubbles


Dannon “Yogurt” is a delightful 3-year-old with an endearing smile who has battled Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Because kiddos with Down Syndrome have a higher chance of developing this cancer, he had been receiving regular blood draws since birth to track his counts. Everything looked great for two years until his doctor found that he had a

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Shopping is a favorite activity for a teenage girl; however, when Wishes & More grants a shopping wish we do it up big! Please meet, Cydney.  She just graduated from high school and plans to head to the University of Texas – Austin in the Fall… an amazing feat considering what she has gone through in

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Enjoy an update on Kellen’s journey “After the Wish!” Kellen’s parents reached out to Wishes & More in 2018 as he was enduring a hard-fought battle with a brain tumor, meningitis, a stroke and all of the terrible side effects of these unimaginable diagnoses.  This six-year-old’s wish was very simple – he wanted to golf. 

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Van is described as “a little man of action” who is happiest when he’s on the go. This four-year-old from Dayton has Rhabdomyosarcoma of the right leg and among other treatments, he’s had to endure the complex surgery of removing the upper portion of his right leg. Coupling this drastic surgery, he suffers with low core strength,

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A heartfelt thank you note is never expected, but it is so rewarding to receive. A recent message we received was a beautiful reminder that our charity is an important and impactful part of our family’s lives during very emotional and difficult days.  We hope you enjoy Laney’s Mom’s words:  “Your team made the whole

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Abbie engaged scholarship


Enjoy an update on Abbie’s journey “After the Wish!” You may remember Abbie from 2020 when she received her wish for a Sleep Number bed as she was seeking a comfortable space while going through treatments for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She had just started college at UW Eau Claire when she was diagnosed with this devastating

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Jonas is a little guy born with a big diagnosis. His heart disease affected his heart’s ability to pump blood efficiently through his little body and contributed to multiple surgeries in Jonas’s short life. Ultimately, it also contributed to his death. Mom wrote, “Our sweet Jonas loved being held and loved singing and talking with us. 

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One year ago, Gunnar, an athletic and outdoorsy kid from Prior Lake was diagnosed with metastasized testicular cancer. Sadly, instead of enjoying his Summer months with his family at their cabin, fishing and enjoying time outside, he had to undergo chemo and many weeks in the confines of the hospital walls.  For a kid who’s used

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An intense headache and blurry vision alarmed Aubrey’s parents and initiated a trip to the ER. The scans were alarming – a golf ball size malignant tumor as well as hydrocephalus! An intense treatment plan began immediately; and so did many days of not being able to keep food down, dizziness, emergency shunt drains, extreme

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Kelly after a successful hunt

Kelly – After the Wish!

We’re excited to periodically take a look back at past wishes and we’d like to take the opportunity to share Kelly’s journey “After the Wish!”  You may remember Kelly from her on-stage debut at the Winter Ball in 2014 when she found out that her wish to go deer hunting with her favorite television huntress,

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Quentin's wish


We met Quetin as he was going through treatment for Leukemia and dealing with on-going issues in and out of the hospital.  He was a sophomore in high school in the Stillwater school district, but with his health struggles, he decided to take a year of home learning to try to keep up with his

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One day shy of her six-month birthday Lolita’s parents had to say goodbye to their beautiful, blue-eyed baby girl.  Lolita endured open heart surgery and a number of debilitating complications stemming from RSV.  In the Memorial application, her parents poignantly wrote, “Lolita let her light shine brighter than the sun since the day she was born.

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Abigail is a delightful sixteen-year-old with a creative mind, love for Harry Styles, and enjoyment of fantasy novels. She not only uses her brain power, she also enjoys staying physically active, particularly through basketball, volleyball, and track & field. This is even more impressive when you consider that she has a critical and unresolved congenital heart

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Picture a ten-year-old who loves to be active, but lives with a dependence on regular blood transfusions to stay alive.  That’s the life of our Regina.  She has a dangerous genetic condition that requires constant monitoring due to episodes of extremely low oxygen that may lead to organ failure – you can imagine the stress this puts on

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Rhys is a total outdoorsman! When we met this 16-year-old from Brainerd, we found out that he is not only battling cystic fibrosis, he’s also enduring Class IV heart failure. During his wish interview, he couldn’t stop talking about how much he loves being outdoors – boating, fishing, and snowmobiling. He even stopped the Zoom interview

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Little Sara was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in November of 2004, about a month after celebrating her 3rd birthday. Sara was born with Down Syndrome and the extra chromosome endeared her to all who knew her. She radiated love and charm and her diagnosis was a huge blow to the entire family. As Sara

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Twin sisters, Kendal & Kenedi, were both diagnosed with AML at just three-months-old. After both girls made it into remission, it was a devastating blow when Kendal relapsed almost two years later, and her parents reached out to Wishes & More. We rushed into action to support a trip to Disney for her and a

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Many babies who are born with osteogenesis imperfecta (a genetic bone disease) do not survive past two-months, but cute-as-a-button Uli was a fighter and became the exception. He weathered many hospital stays – one of which stretched past 30-days!  Due to his fragile immune system, he was not like other babies that could be passed around to

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The 2023 Vikings season didn’t end the way we hoped; however, they came through as winners to Wishes & More for playing a huge role in one of our wishes and making our 2023 partnership an over-the-top success! When we reached out to the “Home Team” (the partners and spouses of the MN Vikings players and coaches)

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Ethan has just started going out and about after his health scare and we have the pleasure of introducing you to this friendly and playful 20-month-old. Just over a year ago, Ethan’s sister passed RSV to him, and due to a pre-existing condition, it hit hard enough for him to spend several months in the

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Sam is a bright young woman who loves sports and excels in playing soccer! She was diagnosed with cancer in high school and, as you can imagine,  it turned her world upside down. Despite her battles, her faith and positive attitude helped her overcome this unexpected challenge and she is now in her first year

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