Nora and Beatrice were both born with Chronic Lung Disease. These adorable twins started out fighting for their lives and enduring many long, nerve-racking hospital stays. Wishes & More first came into their little lives shortly after their birth and, unfortunately, the battle was too much for Beatrice’s fragile body and her passing resulted in a Memorial Gift. However, with all of her struggles, Nora was approaching her first birthday when her wish was decided.

Her birthday was a very bittersweet moment for her family because as they celebrated Nora’s life and how far she has come, they also mourn the death of Beatrice. Mom & Dad wanted to embrace the opportunity to give Nora a huge birthday fiesta for her to celebrate and their wish was to fly in Nora’s Grandmother and Aunt from California to help celebrate their special girl. The wish was a wonderful opportunity for Nora and her parents to spend a fun filled week with these loving relatives!

Mom wrote: “Wishes & More has helped us so much during the past year with Bea’s passing and during Nora’s rough first months. Having her close family here to celebrate such an important milestone meant the world to us! Nora is doing so well and we are thankful every day for our miracle girl!” Wishes & More was proud to support this special gift celebrating Nora and her family!

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