The first thing people notice about nine-year-old Nevaeh is her infectious, bright, and beautiful smile. It rarely leaves her face, despite her daily struggles with a congenital brain malformation and severe seizure disorder. Nevaeh is nonverbal, uses a wheelchair, functions developmentally at a two-year-old level, and is surrounded by love! Nevaeh, and her 11 siblings, all have special needs and live in a busy neighborhood in Rosemount. Nevaeh, with the help of her mom, shared with our volunteers that she loves to be outdoors to have the wind in her face and the sunshine on her shoulders, but she would like to do it out of her wheelchair. Her wish was to receive an adaptive bike that she could ride by herself and that would allow her to join her large family on walks to and be in her favorite place – outside!  In late July, Nevaeh’s wish was assembled and delivered and a few weeks later, we had a volunteer drop by to capture some photos of her in action!  Nevaeh was happy to show off her new bike and expressed that she loves her new ride! Mom wrote in a message along with some photos, “she is loving the bike. It’s perfect. I need to get in shape though as she goes so fast on it, I have to run beside her.”  Wishing this sweet girl an extended summer and beautiful Fall so she can enjoy the MN sunshine!

Special thanks to Randy Bailey from Rick’s Bike Sale for assembling Nevaeh’s new ride! 

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