At 19 months old, beautiful Lucia was diagnosed with Primary Hyperoxaluria, requiring her to have kidney and liver transplants. While Lucia waits for a kidney and liver, she endures dialysis every morning, Monday through Saturday leaving little time for play. After an insightful interview with our Wish Wizards, we discovered this innocent little girl loves toys that make noise, cheese puffs, picture books, the outdoors and watching her brother play. Lucia likes to dance by wiggling her body and smiles non-stop. This made Lucia’s wish one of great importance – to keep her smiling and to remain an inspiration to us all.  The family’s wish for Lucia was to provide toys for play and a camcorder to catch Lucia’s very special moments.  It was like Christmas for Lucia when she received all of her new toys! Lucia’s parents, Ed and Hyacinth, continue to lead everyday normal lives while waiting for her surgery.  Ed continues to work, her brother Edwin has started Kindergarten and Hyacinth continues to keep up with Lucia’s daily treatments to dialysis and the doctor appointments. Thankfully they did not have to wait too long, and in December of the same year Lucia received her new kidney and liver. Another early Christmas present for Lucia and her family!

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