Lucas’ wish was not one of indulgence, but instead to learn and become great at a new endeavor. Now 18, Lucas was born three months premature with Amniotic Band Syndrome, a condition that can cause abnormalities and amputations to legs, fingers and hands. His lower right leg is missing below the knee, and many of his fingers were fused or only half formed. To date he has had 55 surgeries to repair his hands and legs.

Lucas’ wish was for golf clubs and a membership to the New Ulm Golf Club. He first became interested in golf watching Tiger Woods on TV. He has little experience but strives to be great. After Lucas graduates high school, he will take on a new journey of moving out on his own.  Lucas, we wish you great excitement and warm wishes on your new adventures! A special thanks to the Ian Spindler Charity Golf Tournament for sponsoring a fellow golf enthusiasts’ dream.

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