Recently, Wishes & More provided memorial funds to the  parents of a precious 6-month-old. This little angel was the youngest of four sisters and brought an incredible amount of joy to her household from day one.  Just days after enjoying her first Christmas, Ivanna took her final breath.

Her heart wrenching obituary read, “Her wide eyes, and toothless smile cast light over everyone she encountered. Ivanna enjoyed wearing cute outfits for Mommy, flying in the air with Daddy and posing for the perfect pictures with her 3 big sisters, Chevelle, Savannah and Corvair. On a regular day, you could find her gazing at Daddy while he talked, splashing in the bathtub, laughing while getting her diaper changed (which was oddly one of her favorite things in the world) and sharing tickles and giggles with her sisters.”

While we know we can’t cure the kids we serve, we know that the impact of Wishes & More is felt in every family we support.  Our Memorial gifts are a unique expression of our mission to show families that there is a community of people who care.     

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