Hayley is a 16-year-old from Bloomington who had been experiencing unexplainable symptoms for months before a diagnosis of ALS. She had already lost her ability to speak when doctors were finally able to diagnose this terrifying condition. This teen’s focus and drive is amazing and the dignity and strength she displays in handling this devastating diagnosis is beyond admirable. She loves animals and her wish was to visit the animal refuge center that is the focus of the Animal Planet TV show, “Pitbulls and Parolees” located in New Orleans and meet the star of the show, Tia Torres.  Because of this fast-moving diagnosis, Wishes & More wanted to make sure that this wish took place ASAP so that Hayley could fully experience her wish come true.  Just two months after diagnosis, Hayley’s family took off on a road trip to New Orleans, thoroughly enjoyed the on-site visit of Hayley’s favorite show.  As exciting as the travel experience was, Hayley was ready to go home and hold on to her memories.